(I hope you have a fast internet and the patience to let them buffer)
This is a music video, starring yours truly, for my band THE ECCENTROMANICS
about a guy in an office who is a tad overworked and in need of a little love..
These are photos and video clips I made for www.Adrenaline-Unleashed.com.
I shoot in front of a green screen and then add in all the backgrounds later. The video clips are at the bottom. Check out their website for future events.
This is a video I show my editing prowess in the juxtaposition of vintage B&W
footage with Rossini's "William Tell Overture". I made this video for CLASSIC
IMAGES (www.classicimg.com). They are a stock footage film company which sells these images to the entertainment industry.
This is a video I made for Glacier Magazine to promote the GLACIER GIRLS and their events at clubs around town.
This is a music video I made for DARCY DONAVAN who sings one of her songs called "Real Girl" (www.DarcyDonavan.com)
This is a music video of a song of mine called "The Gentle Rain". It's a little bizarre, I guess, but I was going through an intense rejection phase at the time.
This is a video I made for the HulaGirls.
This is a music video I made for my friend Steve of the band SMC. He may be a
vampire, but nobody's perfect. He's really a nice guy who only wants to see the sun
. His website is SMCLiveWireRecords.com.
This is a tender love song I wrote about a girl I used to love. I like to bring my couch to the beach when I'm depressed.
"Hooray For Hollywood" -This is  a video clip I made for the CLASSIC IMAGES website (www.classicimg.com) featuring B&W vintage Hollywood footage.
This is a video I made for the band SMC. It's called "Chuckie" and I think it's something we can all relate to. You should check out Steve's website www.smclivewirerecords.com.
This is a music video about a traveler on the road of life.
This is a music video where I rather pretentiously walk around Hollywood Blvd pondering my failures and broken dreams.
If you've gotten this far, then you can see me sing, dance and otherwise make a fool of myself, and lose all the respect I've enkindled in your heart so far.
DIRK DAGGER - For some unknown reason, this great TV show was cancelled before it ever got shown on television.
I think this is an interesting video, though the message may be a tad
oblique. It's about life's daily grind, loneliness, and being imprisoned by
your desires.  (Man...I'm deep ! )
This is a montage of monster footage which I made for CLASSIC IMAGES to demo the horror film clips they sell. I also wrote the music which is decent.
Samples Of Stuff I Do
(818) 235-3868
This is a music video called "Time Bomb". Notice the interplay between the images and the precision cutting to the rythm of the song. Also, notice the
incredible vocal range and lyrical stylings of the vocalist.